Because there is no freeze burn caused by Intelligent Ice it is possible to wear the ice packs for prolonged periods of time, assisting in the cold therapy of all types of injuries.

Instant pain relief and fast recovery.

Intelligent Ice is the perfect remedy for injuries requiring a speedy recovery. This is done by allowing longer periods of effective cold temperatures to extract the heat from the affected site and therefore, rapidly repairing the fine blood vessels associated with pain relief and recovery.

Refreezes within 1.5 hrs.

Having the ability to refreeze within 1.5 hours helps to create an efficient cycle, meaning you will not be without your Intelligent Ice for recovery.

Remains at a cold but comfortable temperature for up to 4hrs.

Intelligent Ice is a programmed futuristic formula that has the ability to stay cold for up to 4 hours, maximizing the cold therapy treatment periods.

Can be worn all day and all night with no mess and no discomfort.

The unique properties in the Intelligent Ice formula prevents condensation. Therefore, enabling it to be worn throughout the day or night with no mess or discomfort, resulting in a fast recovery.

Universal Space technology cover.

The Intelligent Ice packs flexible space technology cooling material, also acts as a compression bandage, extending the cooling period by 30%.

Universal design can be used on all parts of the body

With the inclusion of extra extension straps (3 for large and 2 for small), the Intelligent Ice packs are perfect for all parts of the body, whether you’re larger than life or a tad on the small side. See Instructions Page >


Keep Intelligent Ice handy for everyday use.

Intelligent Ice is a great product for everyday life, perfect for around the house or office and great for sporting clubs and industry professionals. Enquire Here for Industry professionals and Sports club discounts.