Intelligent Ice is an extremely versatile and universal product capable of treating any part of yours or your horse or pets body.

A specially sealed pack encapsulates the Intelligent Ice’s natural ingredients which is then covered by a flexible space age material, eliminating any condensation or mess left by usual ice packs.

Intelligent Ice also comes standard with extension straps to allow for extra adjustment when fitting.

See fitting instructions for Humans and Horses/pets

Safety and First Aid

Intelligent Ice is non toxic and not classified as hazardous according to criteria of NOHSC Australia. If swallowed, DO NOT induce vomiting.

Remove material from the mouth. Drink large amounts of water. If liquid comes in contact with eyes, hold eyelids apart and flush continuously with water for about 15 minutes. If skin or hair contact occurs, flush with running water.

Washing Instructions

Hand or machine wash the covers in cold, or warm water using a mild detergent. Air dry in the shade.