The Intelligent Ice liquid is a unique futuristic formula consisting of natural ingredients that prevent freeze burn. Upon removal from the freezer, the Intelligent Ice formula will be at minus -12 (C) 10 (F) but will not freeze burn the skin.

“After 10 minutes of being applied to the body the Intelligent Ice pad is so comfortable you won’t feel a thing and the pain relief is amazing.”

Because of the discomfort and damage freeze burn causes, regular ice products can only be applied for a maximum time of 20 minutes. Consequently, the ruptured blood vessels of the affected area will again expand, causing constant inflammation and pain.

Intelligent Ice has been designed to eliminate freeze burn. Therefore, allowing it to be worn constantly for long periods of time day or night; this in return assists the fine blood vessels in repairing quickly, preventing inflammation resulting in a fast and miraculous recovery.

Try Intelligent Ice, for instant pain relief and fast recovery.

  • No freeze burn
    or discomfort

  • Stays cold for
    up to 4 hours

  • Refreezes within
    1.5 hours

  • Suitable for all
    body parts