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Steven Seagal Famous Actor & Martial Arts Expert

Steven Seagal lived in Michigan until he was five, when the family moved to Fullerton, California. He graduated from Buena Park High School. Seagal first began studying Shito-ryu Karate around the age of seven and after many years of training at the age of 17, Seagal traveled to Japan and stayed in Asia for approximately 15 years while teaching English.

In 1974, he was promoted to Kobayashi-sensei to shodan in Shin Shin Toitsu Aikido and is considered to be the first foreigner to operate a dojo in Japan. He also owns belts in aikido, karate, kendo, and judo.

Seagal opened a dojo in Taos, New Mexico with student Craig Dunn upon his return to the states. After some work trying to get his foot in the door in Hollywood and another trip to Japan, he once again returned to the United States in 1983 with student Haruo Matsuoka. The two opened an aikido dojo in Burbank, California and later moved it to West Hollywood.