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Allynne Noelle Principal Dancer, Los Angeles Ballet

“Intelligent ice is a miracle product truly a godsend”  Allynne Noelle

I have been dancing professionally since i was 15. Although I wouldn’t trade my career for anything, the intense schedule of dancing in a professional ballet company takes its toll on the body.

Some days my ankles need a break. And sometimes partnering can feel a bit like a full-contact sport. Since I discovered Intelligent ICE I have thrown out every other ice pack I owned! My days are long and busy! The fact that I can strap on my ICE to me and move around, and I don’t have to sit still for 20-30 minutes at a time is ideal for icing during the day! I have sensitive skin and I used to get ice burn all the time from ice buckets. Intelligent ICE has completely saved me from ice burn! And of course the fact that I can multi-task and ice while I sleep, worry free, is truly a godsend. And it insures that I DO ice when I need to.

• Every ballerina should have an Intelligent ICE of their own!”

• I love that I can wear my Intelligent ICE to bed!

• What is amazing it does not feel cold to wear but when you feel your body it is completely cold.

• It gives me all the benefits of serious icing with zero hassle!”

• Intelligent ICE is so easy and hassle free, it eliminates the burdens of icing!”

Thank you for a wonderful product.

Allynne Noelle
Principal dancer