Intelligent Ice

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For horses and pets

Step 1.
Remove Intelligent Ice pack from the space age cover and place in the freezer, allowing up to 1.5 hours to completely freeze.

Step 2.
Once the Intelligent Ice pack has completely frozen, remove from the freezer and insert pack into the cover, ensuring the flat side faces the side that will be in direct contact with the animals body.

Step 3.
Wet the legs before applying boots. Horses hair is an insulator against the cold. Therefore, coldness will be most effective by wetting the effective area. Strap on the boots and apply the velcro tabs firmly.

Extension straps have been included in the event you need to wrap the ice pack around the horses neck.

Step 4.
The Intelligent Ice pack will stay cold for up to 4 hours. Once you feel the pack has lost its cooling properties, remove from the cover, and place the insert back in the freezer and repeat the above steps.


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